What is Affiliate Marketing: 10 Best affiliate marketing platforms to monetize your content

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Here we are, again, talking about affiliate marketing. Yes, I admit that I have been enthusiastic about this, but the subject is enough to write an encyclopedia and it also seems to me one of the best ways to monetize content, so we continue to sharpen this pencil. This time we are going to talk about affiliate marketing platforms because I have realized that many people have no idea who their allies could be when applying this strategy. 

To be able to get into the matter, it is important that you have a very clear idea of ​​what affiliate marketing is, what its advantages are, and how to apply it. In the blog, you will find very complete entries about this because, as I told you, the topic has become one of my favorites. 

Coming back to us, this time I wanted to make a list of ten of the best affiliate marketing platforms today. Of course, you have to keep in mind that there are more and it is possible that you get others that are very specialized for niche businesses, but I guarantee that with these you will have enough options to start.

With that said, here we go.

What is an affiliate marketing platform?

Before moving on to the list of options, I think it is important to explain this section because it can cause confusion later.

An affiliate marketing platform is one that is responsible for putting companies that sell products or services in contact with content creators who are willing to promote them.

In simple words, it would be an intermediary between you and the sellers who will pay you every time someone makes a purchase thanks to you.

I know what you’re thinking: “Amazon is the ultimate affiliate marketing platform, and it’s also a seller.” This statement is true, but it must be qualified. What happens is that marketplaces like Amazon, which is one of the largest in the world, are associated with a huge number of sellers, in addition to also marketing their own products. So, after seeing the potential, they created an affiliate dedicated exclusively to managing the affiliate programs for both their sales and those of their associates.

There are other companies that are what we would call “third party” and do not sell any products, but connect online stores with content creators.

Now, are affiliate marketing platforms the only way to carry out this strategy? Well, no way! With them, you will make things easier for yourself since they are a kind of catalog of options for you to find the perfect allies.

But you can also associate directly with brands, companies, or e-commerce and have your affiliate link without the need for intermediaries.

10 Affiliate marketing platforms

Now yes, you already know what affiliate marketing platforms consist of, so I bring you ten options that are worth it.

1). Amazon Affiliates

I already told you a little about it above. Amazon Affiliates is the number one benchmark when it comes to affiliate marketing platforms because it was one of the first to start with this way of doing marketing. 

If you want to become an affiliate, you must make a request for them to evaluate your case. If they approve it, they will grant you the code that you can place in the links that you insert in your blog or other digital channels.

Although the platform is the one that has the last word, there are some requirements that you must meet to obtain the approval, and among them is that you have published at least ten posts and that your content is original.

Believe me, the latter is reviewed very well, so make sure you pass everything through anti-plagiarism tools, because even when you write from scratch, phrases similar to others can sneak in, and search engines detect them as repetitions.

The advantage of Amazon Affiliates is obvious: we are talking about the world king of eCommerce and the number of products they offer is practically endless. No matter what your page is, on Amazon, you will find something related that you can refer to your audience.

In addition, if a reader enters your website through your link and ends up buying, you will receive a percentage even if what they carry is not what you had linked. 

The not-so-positive part is the commissions, which rarely exceed 7% of the price. Of course, this is not a fixed value but depends on the product category, so depending on your niche you can earn more or less. 

2). eBay Partner Network

eBay is just behind Amazon in e-commerce, so its affiliate marketing platform, EPN, is another market heavyweight. It works in a similar way to the previous one, managing the links that send traffic to your online store and that end in a purchase. Since we are talking about over a billion product listings, you have a giant catalog of possibilities.

As with Amazon Associates, the commission percentages offered by EPN vary depending on the type of product, although they also tend to be low. However, that is compensated by the huge variety of options you will have to link since, in the end, the idea is to win small amounts over and over again.

With this platform, you can get personalized reports on your sales and access tools that help you monitor and optimize your strategy. Additionally, it has a premium program that works by invitation only and is aimed at those content creators who drive the most traffic to the web.

Here they offer extra benefits ranging from higher earning percentages to priority access to new releases and features.

3). Refersion

Perhaps the previous options were somewhat familiar to you because they are connected to two referents of electronic commerce, but now this name does not ring a bell. Don’t worry, it’s likely that the following options will also be strange to you, but I assure you that they can become great allies.

In the case of Refersion, it is an affiliate marketing platform that also specializes in influencers, that is, those people who have a solid community in social networks. That is why it has become one of the favorites of brands since it also integrates directly with most eCommerce servers such as Magento or Shopify. 

Surely you will tell me: but why am I interested in what can be done with Refersion on the seller’s side? What happens is that this integration that I am talking about makes you find many personalized offers.

For example, you may come across proposals from online stores that define fixed commissions for sales or special coupons for content creators. If they seem attractive to you, you can decide to take advantage of them as long as you meet the requirements.

All this means that you will find more flexible conditions than on other platforms since it is the seller who defines them. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

4). Rakuten Advertising

Yes, we are talking about the same Rakuten that appeared on the Barcelona FC shirts until a few seasons ago, although in this case, it is their specialized marketing branch. 

Rakuten is the largest and most important online store in Japan and its affiliate marketing offers a complete environment to develop your affiliate strategy. This ranges from training and educational resources to learn how their system works to a huge offering of online stores that set their own selection criteria.

Of course, in that part, things get a bit strict since it not only depends on you complying with certain metrics but also that your philosophy and your content go hand in hand with what the brands want. However, this can be very positive because you will have the opportunity to collaborate with businesses that have a vision similar to yours. And believe me, in the long run, this is the most satisfying.

5). Awin

Awin is one of the affiliate marketing platforms that are available in 20 Countries. Despite having offerings from a wide variety of niches, it has a particular focus on four: retail, financial services, telecommunications, and travel. Therefore, if you are dedicated to generating content or have a website related to any of these sectors, this is an alternative that you should consider yes or yes.

But I don’t want you to limit yourself, because each category has an infinity of subsections and I’m sure you’ll find interesting options. Also, do not forget that it works with retail, which in itself is synonymous with many possibilities.

6). ClickBank

ClickBank platform has a catalog with all kinds of products from tens of thousands of brands (its inventory exceeds six million). Still, there is one that stands out above the rest: subscription products. This is a huge advantage, because if you get your readers to sign up through your affiliate link, not only will you get a commission when they sign up, but you’ll continue to earn as long as they stay signed up. Not bad, huh?

Another point that makes ClickBank shine is the commissions, which can reach 75%. Yes, you read that right, you earn up to three-quarters of the price of the product. Of course, these are exceptional cases, but it is something worth keeping in mind, especially considering that most of the available options rarely exceed 10%.

7). JVZoo

We continue with the affiliate marketing platforms with which you can collaborate. This time it’s JVZoo’s turn, which moves close to ten million physical products, in addition to an uncountable inventory of digital products. Its advertisers include Payoneer, PayPal, and Slack, so you can get an idea of ​​its global relevance.

Since you start with JVZoo you have access to all the affiliate tools, as well as tutorials so you can learn how to get the most out of them. It’s a matter of creating your user and browsing through their catalog of offers to find the perfect products that you can promote to your readers. 

8). FlexOffers

This is another affiliate marketing platform worth considering when getting started. Their program is very well designed and connects content creators with thousands of global brands from every niche you can imagine, from sports to DIY.

FlexOffers not only works with the traditional links that are embedded throughout the texts of a blog post, but also handles banners, pop-up bars, and various other types of advertisements that may appear on your website. It also allows promotion via email marketing, social networks, or YouTube channels, to name a few.

As for forms of payment, they have two modalities: fixed rate and percentage commission, as in most cases. In addition, the action should not always be buying, but also filling out a form or simply clicking. Of course, keep in mind that you need a minimum amount of earnings in your affiliate account before you can request a withdrawal, although the amount is usually low and easy to reach.

9). LinkConnector

The time has come for an affiliate marketing platform that prioritizes partnerships with established and endorsed brands and content creators over having a large number of connections.

LinkConnector stands out for its efficient support team and because it is always willing to help you with any questions that may arise when you start working with them. As I told you, his thing is to achieve quality collaborations, so the treatment is quite close and personalized.

Its platform also has integration with SEO and SEM, as well as its own tracking tools with which you can maximize your results.

10). ShareASale

ShareASale is a specialized affiliate marketing company based in Chicago, so it is very oriented to the US market. If you have the possibility of creating content in English or your audience is in this country, it is a safe bet to gain valuable allies. They work with brands like Reebok, so if you are part of their affiliate base you may end up referring well-known companies whose products almost sell themselves. 

Affiliate marketing platforms: a good way to earn money online

As you have seen, there are few platforms dedicated to affiliate marketing, so the lack of options is no excuse. In fact, in this article, I focused only on those that work as intermediaries (with the exception of those of the large marketplaces) and I can’t even name them all, because we would never end. But nowadays, almost every online business has its own affiliate program, so you can collaborate directly and get better benefits.

With all this, I can only motivate you to start affiliate marketing, because it is an excellent way to earn money online, and someone who has already tried it tells you. Now, if you are completely at zero on this, I recommend my course to work remotely without experience, which will help you take your first steps in the digital world.

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