100+ Best Free and Paid WordPress Plugins (2023)

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WordPress software is one of the best content management solutions in the world, with it you can create a company blog or your own website with a good design and with little prior knowledge.

The developers of creating WordPress extensions are in charge of considering whether that extension is free or paid, normally there will be two versions of the same plugin, one will be free with limited functions and to enjoy the full plugin the user must pay.

What is a WordPress plugin?

A plugin is defined as a program that you can install on your website in order to expand or extend the functionalities that the WordPress software brings.

There are many plugins for WordPress with which you can do anything on your website, from compressing photos or implementing SEO on Page, to turning your blog into an online store.

I name some of the things you can do with WordPress plugins :

  • Backup WordPress
  • Offers greater security to your installation
  • Mock up the content
  • Share your content on different social networks
  • Improve SEO
  • Capture users
  • Surveys
  • Online stores
  • Pin your widgets
  • Offer contact forms
  • Make widgets appear conditionally
  • Expand user role management
  • Improve the accessibility of your website
  • Compress photos
  • Improve the speed of your website

On the other hand, there are the Premium plugins, which are made up of a free part that offers limited functions and a paid part if you want to receive more benefits, although the basic version is usually enough.

Did you know that there are currently more than 59,000 WordPress plugins? The list is constantly growing and day by day the available tools are improving. But what are these resources for?

Plugins allow you to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website by adding features and capabilities that are not part of the system at the time of installation but have been developed to accommodate it.

These tools cover a wide range of options: writing tools, analytics, or SEO tips, among many others. Among so many options available, it can be challenging to know which ones are best for you or are best suited to the resolution of your needs.

That’s what we are for. Below you will find a list of the best WordPress plugins that you should know about and explore sometime. We have structured our list according to the functionalities offered by each tool in the following groups:

  • WordPress plugins for SEO: Where we include some of the most popular options for the implementation of SEO strategies and comprehensive monitoring in content creation, data analytics, and web page management.
  • WordPress plugins for content creation: Where there are some tools that will make the task of writing and selecting titles, keywords, and writing formats easier.
  • WordPress plugins for incorporating tools into content: Optimized for integrating forms, calculators, pop-ups, or tables within your content.
  • WordPress plugins for link checking: where we list the best options to monitor that the links on your pages are current.
  • WordPress plugins for performance optimization: We review some of the best alternatives to help you make your site have a fast and optimal performance without excessive loading times.
  • WordPress plugins for image optimization: This will make it easier to compress visual resources on your pages for better performance.
  • WordPress plugins for integration in social networks: Where we have included the best tools to connect your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles, among many others, and analyze the presence of your site online.
  • WordPress plugins for website improvement: Perfect for creating or editing your pages, as well as giving them a captivating design or functionalities to improve the visitor experience.
  • WordPress plugins for email marketing:  Designed to monitor your performance, manage contacts and create email campaigns easily.

In addition, we include a tool specially dedicated to contact management and CRM.

Knowing these categories will help you find the solution you are looking for for your website. In this way, you will be able to optimize its operation and save time in the administration of your content.

WordPress plugins for SEO

1. The SEO Framework

the seo framework

With this plugin, the search rankings of your website will improve significantly, thanks to its many automatic optimization features.

In addition, this plugin has the ability to optimize each page, post, and term of your website to make it easier to find on the internet and on social networks. Because this plugin is an expert SEO system, you will be able to optimize your website whether you are just starting to implement a strategy or are an expert in using APIs.

2. All-in-One SEO

all in one SEO

All-in-One SEO is the right plugin if you want to optimize your WordPress website for organic search in a friendly way and with a unique user experience. The tool is intended for all users, regardless of their level of SEO experience, whether they only know the basic technicalities or are a programmer.

The plugin supports the XML Website Map and the XML Website Image Map (which informs Google about the URLs on the website that are available for crawling). In addition, it provides support for Google Analytics and custom posts, which is useful for marketers who want to measure the success of their campaigns or SEO work and goals.

3. Yoast SEO

yoast seo

Yoast is an all-in-one SEO plugin. With it you can get the most out of your blog with direct XML sitemaps, navigation control with route display, content analytics, featured snippet previews, and various integrations that show you how your WordPress site is performing in different search engines. With Yoast SEO it is really easy to identify problems and generate solutions with expert software.

In addition, it is a perfect tool for those who are just beginning to explore the possibilities of the digital world for business. For experts, Yoast SEO offers a premium plugin with more features and more freedom of action in WordPress. Whether you want to automate processes or build an impressive site, this is a plugin that will help you achieve your goal.

WordPress plugins for content creation

1. Classic Editor

Classic Editor

Classic Editor is a plugin that every content creator should know because this tool offers the editing experience in the classic WordPress format. Whether you still prefer the old interface, require functionality that is no longer current, or want a more conservative design, this plugin is for you. This tool is offered directly by the WordPress group, so you can expect a plugin optimized for the platform that will cover all your needs when editing, creating, or managing your publications.

With this plugin, you can access the classic full-screen mode, add links, and delegate responsibilities to your collaborators to maintain control of your site. It is also a really good solution for monitoring teamwork and for integrating other plugins that extend its functionality.

2. Just Writing

Just Writing Plugin

Just Writing takes WordPress’ Distraction-Free Writing Mode (DFWM) to a whole new level, thanks to its full-screen word processing options. With this plugin, you can edit the order of the available tools to make the content creation process easier and more personalized or even hide those you don’t need.

It introduces other important features such as English spell checking and paragraph style checking that will help you focus on words without constantly having to exit DFWM mode to implement basic formatting.

3. Title Experiments

Title Experiments Free plugin

A blog post title has a direct impact on click-through rates (CTR), so selecting the right one is critical to attracting the right audience and synthesizing the ideas of your content.

Title Experiments allows you to easily A/B test different titles so that you can assess which one will drive more conversions and increase CTR. Simply type your options for the plugin to forecast the effectiveness of the proposed titles.

4. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

If maintaining order in your creative process is one of your greatest challenges, Editorial Calendar is the right plugin for you. While this tool won’t help you write, it will help you organize your writing process through an interactive calendar that you can include in your writing platform. Additionally, you can manage posts from multiple authors, quickly edit post titles and times, and manage drafts within the plugin.

With this add-on, you can also access functionalities that are really simple to use to make the organization of your tasks more efficient. Simply drag and drop the boxes on your calendar to simplify the way you schedule and manage your blog content.

Contact Management WordPress Plugins

1. HubSpot


The HubSpot plugin is a free tool that allows you to convert your visitors into leads. Some of its main advantages, backed by the trust of more than 200,000 websites, are:

  • CRM and contact management: allow you to manage your contacts, segment them and analyze all the interactions they have had with your website.
  • WordPress Optimized Contact Forms and Popups:  Create attractive forms and popups or integrate the ones you already use on your website.
  • Live Chat:  Add chatbots to your site to interact with your users and provide them with the information they need 24/7.
  • Email marketing: Add the right newsletters to your contact base with HubSpot’s simple drag-and-drop email builder. 
  • Analytics:  help you understand which sales and marketing actions work best with your customers and which ones you need to correct. 
  • Integrations:  Overusing plugins can slow down your website, so opting for HubSpot’s plugin, which integrates with over 650 apps including WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Stripe, and more, can be a great alternative to counting on. with a wide range of functionalities without sacrificing performance.

WordPress plugins for incorporating tools into content

1. Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form is a plugin specialized in creating forms with fields that include simple calculators to be integrated into a WordPress site. With this tool you can incorporate, for example, financial calculators, a window to obtain quotes for reservations or to purchase a product, or even tools for calculating the ideal weight of visitors. These forms are fully customizable, so you can also give them the same style as your site.

With this plugin, you can also create forms with automatically calculated fields and use predefined form templates that will save you time and ensure accuracy. In addition, it has advanced features for creating charts or specific operator rules.

2. TablePress


TablePress is a plugin that helps you create, customize, and embed unique and beautiful tables on your WordPress site. One of the great advantages of this tool is that it offers a table creation interface similar to platforms such as Excel, so you don’t need to have programming knowledge to generate the resource you need. This allows you to even export your tables in .xls, CSV, or HTML format.

Your tables can include all kinds of data and be placed anywhere on the website. Also, if you use JavaScript libraries you can add more features to your tables, such as filtering, pagination, or search option.

3. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is one of the WordPress plugins that focus on optimizing the pop-ups of your website since it “allows you to create beautiful pop-up campaigns, email subscription forms, announcement bars, opt-in forms gamified and other types of interactive pop-ups for your site in minutes. Thanks to its versatility, it is one of the most popular plugins of its kind.

OptinMonster offers everything from popups and sliders to sidebar forms and a variety of lead-generation form templates. It also integrates with various email marketing providers, such as HubSpot, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.

Broken Link Checker

Do you want to prevent Google from following broken links on your website? Broken Link Checker analyzes your posts to identify broken links and notifies you when a new one appears. You can even enable an option so that users can’t access the link and not be upset when they see that the link is broken while you find a solution.

To help you save time, it allows you to edit a broken link on your page, so you no longer have to manually go through each post to make changes.

2. Redirection


As its name suggests, Redirection is a free redirect manager that allows you to set up 301 redirects and manage 404 errors. It is a favorite choice for millions of users as its interface is simple and its features are highly customizable.

The plugin includes a logging feature that allows you to see all redirects on your site, as well as information about each redirected visitor so you don’t lose control of your number of visits and can improve the experience of your site users.

Link Whisper

A comprehensive WordPress plugin that helps you rank higher with intelligent internal link suggestions.

Links Whisper is a smart internal linking tool. Powered by artificial intelligence, Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article right within the WordPress editor.

Depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content, Link Whisper will suggest dozens or more internal links from the content you are editing.

Just check the box and hit save. Internal links are done.

WordPress plugins for performance optimization

1. Site Kit

site kit

Site Kit is, without a doubt, the plugin with the best features for data analytics in the most popular search engine in the world Google. This is because it is the same company that offers the tool to public WordPress users. 

With this tool, you can analyze and obtain real-time metrics on the performance of your website. In Site Kit, it is really easy to know how many visitors access your pages, what they are looking for, and how they got there. In addition, it compares the loading speed of your site with the competition to detect irregularities and offer performance solutions.

2. W3 Total Cache

banner 772x250 1

Are you looking to improve the performance of your website? This optimization plugin helps all marketers to deliver a more satisfying user experience by improving server performance, reducing load times, and providing CDN integration. W3 Total Cache operates by minimizing the volume of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

With more than 1 million active installations, this is one of the favorite plugins in WordPress, since it has reported up to 10 times faster loading speeds and good content handling even at times of highest visitor traffic.

3. WP Rocket

wp rocket

Speeding up your WordPress website brings several benefits from improving the user experience to search engine rankings. More agile navigation will always be a strong point to attract visitors to your content. For all this, WP Rocket is an excellent option.

If you use a lot of plugins on your site, this can affect the loading speed of your pages. With it, you will avoid these limitations and you will see an increase in performance: faster loads, smoother browsing experiences, and improved content performance.

4. Head, Footer, and Post Injections

Head Footer and Post Injections

Most WordPress users need to use several plugins, some even require dozens of them. Head, Footer, and Post Injections allow you to copy any unique code you need to use for other plugins, keep it in a centralized, organized location, and easily insert it wherever you need it. This prevents you from having too many plugins installed; instead, you only need to call them when necessary.

This plugin is theme independent, which means you will never lose your data when updating or changing them.

5. Autoptimize


“Autoptimize enables non-technical marketers to easily build fast sites. We all know how important it is to have a fast website. Otherwise, our Google rankings suffer and leads go elsewhere,” argues Jonny Nastor of  Hack the Entrepreneur.

This plugin adds and caches scripts and styles that improve overall site performance. Autoptimize also has an extensive catalog of APIs that allow you to tailor the plugin to the needs of your website.

6. MonsterInsights


Before knowing if a site is worth optimizing, it is important to assess its current performance. This plugin uses an API with Google Analytics that allows you to easily monitor your blog’s performance, right from your WordPress account.

With additional data from search results pages and error pages, Google Analytics by MonsterInsights makes performance reporting much easier. In addition, you can know how people have found you and how they have used your site, so it is a great tool that will complement your SEO strategy.

WordPress plugins for image optimization

1. Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails

When it is time to evaluate the performance of a website or a blog, all the elements of a page can be measured with the aim of optimizing them. This is the case with thumbnails. Sometimes something as simple as adding a new thumbnail with other dimensions can affect the performance of the others. Also, making adjustments manually can become a complex and boring task. With Regenerate Thumbnails, you can do it in a few steps.

To do this, Alex Mills, an independent developer, created this simple plugin whose objective is: “regenerate all thumbnail sizes of one or more images that have been uploaded to your media library”.

2. TinyPNG

TinyPNG – JPEG PNG WebP image compression

As we have seen, for a site to perform well, its contents need to have adequate weight and dimension. This allows them to load much faster, preserving SEO value and enhancing the visitor experience. 

TinyPNG makes your website faster by automatically optimizing JPEG and PNG images the moment they are loaded and by renaming them to TinyPNG and TinyJPEG. The plugin analyzes the images and then compresses them. After that, the image is sent back to the website to replace the original image. The plugin will make your website load faster while saving storage space.

3. Smush

Smush – Lazy Load Images Optimize Compress

Smush’s servers do all the work for you when it comes to optimizing images. The plugin automates the process of analyzing and resizing images without affecting their quality through lossless compression processes. This frees up space on the server and the website becomes much faster.

As Izaak Crook of  AppInstitute says, “Smush compresses and optimizes images quickly and in bulk, letting you focus on other things.” 

4. Imsanity


Imsanity is a popular and free WordPress plugin that allows you to manage image file sizes. It automatically resizes images without sacrificing quality and saves you from having to manually resize them before uploading,” according to MorningScore’s Marina Dolci.

The Imsanity plugin matches the size of images to the browser screen. Resize previously uploaded images and replace original images with new versions, all automatically, saving you time.

WordPress plugins for social media integration

1. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Posts – Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin

Formerly known as Tweet Old Post, this plugin helps marketers extend the life of their old social media posts by automatically sharing them, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, or Tumblr.

It works for both small and large websites, and also for sales or blogger sites. In addition, the tool allows you to schedule posts and manage multiple accounts, so you can easily drive more traffic to your content.

2. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share

According to the developers’ official site, Sassy Social Share offers “the slickest, easiest, and most optimized share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, and 100+ other apps,” via optimized vector icons.

For marketing professionals, it is vitally important to have these options so that users can socialize with the content that most appeals to them. It is the perfect hook to reach more potential customers, build a prestigious brand and stay on everyone’s lips. 

3. Blog2Social

Blog2Social Social Media Auto Post Scheduler

Sharing your content on social networks is one of the best ways to not only get visits through SEO strategies but to get closer to other audiences in a natural way. With Blog2Social, the task of sharing your pages through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest, among others, is much easier.

This plugin will help you not only to publish but to republish your content at the right time and get a greater flow of visitors. You can schedule it to post on your profile, in groups, and on channels.

4. AddToAny


AddToAny is one of the best free WordPress plugins for social media integration. In fact, this free plugin has many features that compete with many paid WordPress plugins.

It supports more than 80 social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In the plugin settings panel, just click on the desired platform to include it in the sharing buttons. There is no limit to the number of network buttons you can have.

Drag and drop the icons to rearrange the buttons to your liking. It is also possible to display counters for Facebook likes and Pinterest pins.

This free plugin also offers an option to add floating buttons, so the sharing buttons stay in the same place even when the user scrolls down the page.

AddToAny also has widget blocks to add social media follow buttons that invite website visitors to follow your accounts.

You can add CSS or Javascript code snippets to customize all the buttons.

5. Social Snap

Social Snap

The ultimate WordPress social media plugin (291113+ downloads) to drive more traffic and increase engagement.

Social Snap is the best WordPress social media plugin by allowing you to control how visitors share and view your content.

Social Snap Features:

  • Social Sharing
  • Social Followers
  • Social Auto Poster
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Boost Old Posts
  • Social Login
  • Social Meta Tags
  • Click to Tweet

WordPress plugins for website design

1. Elementor Website Builder


This WordPress website builder is so intuitive that it allows you to design blogs and landing pages very easily. It is ideal for marketing professionals who need to create sites in a short time for their clients, without losing quality and without the need to be experts on the subject. Of course, in the hands of a web designer, this plugin does amazing things.

Best of all, it adapts to the user’s abilities and allows you to go as far as your imagination and experience required. Elementor has more than 100 WordPress templates for you to customize. As he points out, you can also build your web portal by combining more than 300 pre-built blocks.

2. TranslatePress


As a business expands its market, it often finds it necessary to hire native content creators to reach the target audience in their language. However, this can be expensive. For these cases, the easiest thing to do is go to a plugin like TranslatePress, designed by Cozmolabs, to fulfill this function, at least temporarily.

TranslatePress includes features like translating images, sliders, pop-ups, forms, and more. In addition, it is fully integrated with Google Translate and includes SEO support, among many other features that make the tool an excellent option.

3. Multiple Page Generator

Multiple Page Generator Plugin

According to the official WordPress site, “MPG is the solution for web developers and search engine optimization professionals who want to create multiple pages under the same domain.” With this plugin you can create groups of pages in a very short time, optimizing your business resources.

Thanks to the Multiple Page Generator Plugin, you can grow your audiences with groups of optimized landing pages, localized pages that improve SEO for a specific city or town, and product pages with optimal conversion rates, just to name a few options.

4. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL

If today you still use the HTTP protocol on your website, it is likely that you are falling behind in the positioning of your domain in the most popular browsers. Due to the fact that the HTTPS protocol offers better performance and greater security, it is preferred for the creation of websites today. In addition, this protocol allows you to obtain more and better data to carry out analytics on the performance of your site.

With Really Simple SSL you can easily migrate your website information from HTTP to HTTPS. With one click you can transfer all your configurations to run in the new protocol without losing hours of work and, above all, keeping all your information. In addition, Really Simple SSL has a Pro option that gives you greater freedom in the use of its tools and technical assistance.

5. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the Fastest, Truly Visual WordPress Page Builder Creating beautiful, engaging, and visually impressive content & layouts in WordPress has never been easier!

Good business tools should be easy to use and never zap up your limited time and energy.

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder for WordPress, built from the ground up for business websites that make conversions their top focus. And because we know entrepreneurs are busy, Thrive Architect is built with an obsessive focus on being as fast as possible to use. We’ve removed every possible barrier between the business idea in your head and the professional presence of that business on your website.

WordPress plugins for email marketing

1. MailChimp

WP WooCommerce Mailchimp

WP WooCommerce Mailchimp “provides advanced Mailchimp integration for WooCommerce,” based on the popular free plugin that allows users to subscribe to all customers to a single list. It is currently actively used on more than 10,000 websites.

With this app, it will be easier to automatically subscribe customers to one of the designated Mailchimp lists and “to Mailchimp interest groups and labels when creating or completing an order”. All this is possible in a very simple way, based on the user’s consent, in accordance with international opt-in laws. 

2. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

A necessary but tedious task is the creation of contact lists. Through them, you can maintain an updated database of your customers and prospects to carry out email campaigns or send updates. Contact Form 7 makes this task much easier with templates and forms that you can include on your website.

You can also add reCAPTCHA to your forms or resources such as Akismet, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, or Stripe.

3. WP Mail SMTP


With more than 2 million installations, this plugin is the one to solve all the problems related to your email marketing campaigns and to ensure that the sending of emails is working correctly.

With the use of mail transfer protocols (SMTP), you can authenticate your sending account to be sure that your messages will not end up in a spam folder and that your contacts will receive the information you want to send them. You only have to install the plugin for it to carry out an analysis of your site and confirm if your host is authenticating your emails. 

It is important to note that while these tools are powerful, they are far from meeting the needs of all WordPress users. That is why every day new plugins are generated that innovate by solving problems or making the platform easier to use. If you want to create tools tailored to your needs, it is best to start preparing as a WordPress developer. 

Best Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

1. WooCommerce

woocommerce ecommerce plugin

    WooCommerce is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin. It provides the essential functionality of eCommerce, such as the creation of a store, the listing of products, and the management of orders.

    In addition, WooCommerce accepts all major credit cards and bank transfer payments and integrates seamlessly with 140 region-specific payment gateways.

    It comes with a quick setup wizard that guides you step by step. All you have to do is answer the questions, and provide details about your store, and you’re good to go.

    Managing an online store with WooCommerce is easy as the control panel is integrated with WordPress. Use the sidebar of the administration panel to manage your products, orders, or reports.

    To create a beautiful store with WordPress and WooCommerce, make sure to use a WooCommerce-compatible WordPress theme.

      Best WordPress Plugin for Security

      1. Wordfence

      wordfence security plugin

      Once the plugin is installed, the Wordfence control panel will show different data related to the security of the site, such as a summary of the firewall, the blocked attacks, and the analysis of security problems.

      The login security feature allows you to set up two-factor authentication for the WordPress admin page. All you have to do is scan the QR code provided via an authenticator app on your mobile device and enter the verification code.

      The malware scanner checks the WordPress theme and plugin files for malware. It also detects security vulnerabilities such as potential backdoors, code injection, and malicious redirects. The plugin’s broken link check helps you find bad URLs on your website.

      Wordfence Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your website from malicious traffic. The login throttling feature will block IP addresses that fail to log in after a specified number of attempts, thus preventing brute force attacks.

      After installing the plugin, the firewall will run in learning mode so you can test all its features and avoid false positives, protecting your site more effectively.

      2. Jetpack


      Jetpack is a comprehensive WordPress plugin optimized to offer speed and security to its users. With it, you can include all your content without slowing down the loading speed. In addition, Jetpack offers ample storage space that protects your information and automatically detects malware.

      This plugin offers advanced features such as content tools and mobile-optimized themes. You can take advantage of Jetpack’s features to enhance your website, or choose only the ones you want to activate, based on your specific needs. Some of these features include automated social media posting, site analytics and statistics, and various SEO tools to help you measure and promote the success of your website.

      3. Akismet Spam Protection

      Akismet Spam Protection

      Akismet Spam Protection is a favorite plugin for millions of people, helping you to prevent (and remove) ad-hidden comments on your blog in a simple and automated way. 

      It reviews the comments and automatically filters them when it detects signs of spam, leaving only those that represent the opinion or comments of your visitors and eliminating those that do not contribute to the experience of your customers. You can easily see which comments are being discovered or filtered, so you can stay in control of what is displayed on your site.

      Best plugin to create forms in WordPress

      1. WPForms


      WPForms is a complete contact forms plugin. Its drag-and-drop form editor and pre-built starter templates will help you create any form for your website in no time.

      In total, there are 22 pre-built templates in the free version of the plugin, including a contact form, a registration form, and a newsletter subscription form. It is also possible to create a form from scratch.

      All forms created with this plugin are responsive, which means they will work seamlessly on mobile devices. They also come with hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA spam protection measures.

      Embedding any form into a WordPress page or post is easy, either using the included block or a shortcode.

      Best WordPress Cache Plugin

      1. LiteSpeed ​​Cache

      LiteSpeed Cache

      WordPress caching is essential to ensure the maximum performance of a website and LiteSpeed ​​Cache is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for this.

      This free WordPress plugin is easy to use, offering an intuitive interface for managing site cache and advanced caching features.

      For example, there are several cache controls to enable or disable specific aspects of the site, such as logged-in users, PHP resources, and the login page. There are even options to clear the cache for specific URLs.

      In addition to caching tools to speed up your website, the plugin comes with an optimization feature to minify CSS and Javascript files. Your CDN settings allow you to enable the QUIC.cloud CDN on your site.

      Best Membership Plugin

      1. MemberPress


      MemberPress is a premium membership plugin for generating revenue from a paid membership site by selling online courses, membership-based digital downloads, and other exclusive content.

      This premium plugin has a professional support team and is easy to set up. It also integrates well with plugins like bbPress to create a password-protected forum or Easy Affiliate for an affiliate program.

      You can set up multiple plans for the membership program and the pricing page is fully customizable. The content restriction feature allows you to limit member access to pages, posts, files, and categories.

      The automated billing system makes it easy to remind users when their plan is due for renewal. The plugin will also automatically revoke or renew the membership based on the payments made.

      Best forum plugin

      1. bbPress


      Although installing forum software is an option, WordPress plugins are usually sufficient.

      bbPress is a free lightweight WordPress forum plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. Setting up and running a forum with this plugin will not take much time.

      The forum admin area is accessible from the WordPress admin page. Its interface is simple and easy to use to manage forums and user accounts.

      bbPress has a theme compatibility feature that ensures that all bbPress features and elements work regardless of the site’s theme, even if the site does not include bbPress code or templates.

      This free plugin also comes with Akismet support for spam protection.

      Best WordPress Backup Plugin

      1. UpdraftPlus


      Backing up a WordPress site is crucial to prevent data loss in the event of a system crash, hard drive failure, or security breach. UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress plugins for managing backups.

      Backing up and restoring your site data is easy thanks to the plugin’s intuitive user interface. In the configuration panel, you can set automatic backup schedules.

      UpdraftPlus can be connected to various remote storage options, including cloud-based ones like Dropbox and Google Drive, and simple data transfer solutions like email and FTP.

      UpdraftPlus Vault, the plugin’s remote storage, is available on the premium plan. It works perfectly for backing up and restoring data. Another great premium feature is database encryption to ensure the security of your website data.

      Best WordPress plugin for translation

      1. GTranslate


      GTranslate is one of the best and most practical translation WordPress plugins, which uses the Google Translate API to translate the website automatically.

      The plugin settings page offers more than 100 languages. Just drag and drop the languages ​​in the list to rearrange them. There is no limit to the number of languages ​​to add.

      The plugin will be displayed as a widget on the front end so that visitors can choose their preferred language. You can choose from 10 widget styles, including standard dropdown, flag dropdown, and popup.

      The premium version offers more advanced translation features such as URL translation, search engine indexing, and translation editing. There are four premium plans available, starting at $9.99 per month and you can modify them by adding or removing features.

      Best WordPress Booking Plugin

      1. Booking Calendar

      Booking Calendar

      Booking Calendar is one of the best booking WordPress plugins. This plugin has over 60,000 active installations and offers a ton of features, even with the free version.

      You can easily add a calendar to show available time slots and a form for users to make an appointment. Embedding the calendar is very easy, as the plugin has a dedicated block that you can use in the page or post editor. There are also several shortcodes to customize the calendar interface.

      The back-end system in the WordPress dashboard is also easy to use, providing a calendar overview where featured appointments can be viewed and managed.

      The settings page offers many configuration options. Blackout days and time selection options can be set for calendar time slots. There are also options to enable CAPTCHA to prevent spam entries and an autocomplete feature for registered users.

      In the forms section, you can customize the booking submission form. The interface is easy to use, just drag and drop the elements to rearrange the fields.

      Booking Calendar also supports Google Calendar integration to import events. If you use the Booking Manager plugin, it is also possible to export and import .ics files to and from external websites.

      Best Calendar Plugin

      1. The Events Calendar

      The Events Calendar

      The Events Calendar is the perfect calendar plugin for managing events and inviting users to register and join them.

      The back-end interface allows you to quickly create events by adding various details such as venues, contacts, entry fees, and external links. Each event will have a dedicated page to display all the information.

      Use the Events List module to embed the events calendar into a post or page, where site visitors can select a list, month, or day view. Clicking on any event takes you to its detailed page.

      This plugin offers integration with Google Calendar and iCalendar to easily export any event to user accounts.

      It also works perfectly with the Event Tickets plugin to add RSVP and ticketing management features to your calendar.

      Best WordPress plugin for Wiki

      1. Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs

      Knowledge Base for Documentation

      The setup wizard allows you to set up the knowledge base in just a few clicks. There are 17 pre-designed layouts to choose from, and you can customize their colors, labels, and fonts.

      Adding categories and articles is easy as the interface is similar to the WordPress dashboard. Also, the plugin uses the WordPress block editor to create a knowledge base article, so you’ll get used to it in no time.

      With this plugin, it is possible to create up to five levels of documentation hierarchy. So no plugin or code tweaks are needed to create complex documentation. An integrated search box makes it easy for users to find relevant articles.

      Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs works perfectly with various page builders, including Elementor, Visual Composer, and Divi.

      Best Quiz Plugin

      1. Forminator


      Forminator is a WordPress quiz plugin that allows you to create forms, surveys, polls, and estimates. Due to its extensibility and built-in features, we consider it the best quiz plugin for WordPress sites.

      Using Forminator, you can create two types of quizzes: knowledge and personality. Furthermore, it allows you to choose between paginated and non-paginated quiz layouts.

      The editor comes with a drag-and-drop builder to easily organize questions and answers.

      The appearance of the quiz is also fully customizable, from the layout and fonts to its colors. You can even add custom CSS and translation files to your quizzes.

      With Forminator, you can use interactive quizzes and surveys as a lead-generation strategy. There is an option to create a lead form for quiz participants. Forminator has a default lead generation form, so you don’t have to make one yourself. Participants can even share their results on social media, reinforcing your company’s online presence.

      Embed the quiz into your page or post by simply adding the Forminator block and selecting any created quiz.

      Best Directory Plugin

      1. Connections Business Directory

      Connections Business Directory

      Connections Business Directory is a free WordPress directory plugin for posting compelling information about your business location or staff members.

      It comes with three free templates that can be customized in WordPress. However, premium templates and extensions are available on the Connections website for more design options and features.

      The plugin allows you to use repeatable fields to display information such as an address, phone number, and email. You can configure each entry as public, private -only for registered users- and unlisted, which means that only administrators can see it.

      With hierarchical category support, you can add categories and include any business or member hierarchically. Finally, support for the Retina display allows you to include a sensitive image in each input.

      Best Popup Plugin

      1. Sumo


      Sumo is one of the most versatile WordPress popup plugins. With it, you can create popups for a subscriber list, recover abandoned carts, share page content, and welcome visitors.

      To use Sumo, after installing the plugin on your WordPress site, you need to create an account. Once the plugin is connected to your account, start designing popup forms in the Sumo dashboard.

      There are six types of forms available:

      • Basic Pop-up – A simple pop-up that appears in the middle of the page.
      • Scroll Box – A popup box is attached to the bottom of the page.
      • Inline Form – A form box embedded in the page content.
      • Click-Activate Popup – A popup box that appears if the user clicks on a specific link.
      • Welcome Box – A full-page popup box suitable for displaying a welcome message along with the form.
      • Smart Bar – A popup bar that stays at the top of the page.

        Popup options work for anything from displaying a signup form to a social sharing button, and starter templates are available for creating email popups and sharing. WooCommerce integration allows you to create a popup to recover abandoned carts.

        Advanced popup rules allow you to decide when the popup should appear and to filter out users who have already subscribed. Alternatively, use smart mode to let the plugin decide the best time and place to display the popup.

        Best Live Chat Plugin

        1. 3CX Live Chat

        3cx live chat

        3CX Live Chat is a simple live chat plugin for WordPress sites. It’s easy to set up, so the site’s live chat feature will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

        Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll be prompted to select a channel, add your chat agents, and customize the chat box. The chat feature will be added to your website automatically.

        3CX has a quick reply feature where you can preset a chat message to answer a frequently asked question or just a template to reply to a new message. The plugin also comes with a stats dashboard that shows detailed reports, active users, and active agents.

        Although you can use this plugin for free, it is limited to 12 users and four concurrent calls.

        Best Social Media Feed Plugin

        1. WP RSS Aggregator

        WP RSS Aggregator

        WP RSS Aggregator is the best WordPress RSS plugin for importing and displaying content on your site from various sources.

        Its auto-discovery feature allows users to extract content easily. They just need to add the URL of the website, and the plugin will retrieve the available RSS feeds. WP RSS Aggregator does not limit import sources and allows you to combine multiple social media channels.

        To display the feed on the site, just add the plugin block or insert the available shortcode. Also, the display template is customizable to fit your web design.

        Best WordPress plugin

        1. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

        Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

        Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is a free WordPress block plugin that extends the customization of the WordPress block editor by adding 30 new blocks, including social sharing, content schedule, and price list.

        In some cases, the new blocks eliminate the need to use a specific plugin to create an element. For example, if you have a restaurant website, the price list block is ideal for displaying menu prices. That being said, installing this plugin will not affect any existing WordPress plugins on the site.

        Schema blocks, such as the FAQ, Reviews, and How To blocks, automatically add schema to the post or page, which helps improve search engine rankings.

        New blocks can be added to reusable blocks as a group, so you can easily add these items to a new section.

        Best PDF Viewer Plugin

        1. PDF Embedder

        PDF Embedder

        PDF Embedder is the most popular PDF viewer plugin for embedding a PDF file in a WordPress page or post.

        Its use is very simple. After installing the plugin, just add the new PDF Embedder block in a post and upload a PDF file or choose one from the WordPress media library.

        In the plugin settings, you can set the display size of the embedder and the location of the toolbar.

        Use the paid version to unlock the full potential of PDF Embedder. It offers advanced features like a download button, full-screen mode, and infinite scrolling.

        Best Instagram Integration Plugin

        1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

        Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

        Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is the best Instagram plugin to embed photos on a WordPress site. It’s easy to set up: all you have to do is install the plugin, connect to your account, customize the feed, and embed Instagram posts using the new block.

        The feed can be customized in several ways. You can define the height and width of the feed to fit your site well and also determine how many photos to display. Plus, it’s fully responsive to ensure it looks great on mobile devices.

        If you go for the pro version, you’ll get four additional layout types: Grid, Carousel, Masonry, and Highlight. The pro version also allows you to create a feed for hashtags, tagged posts, or display a combination of different feeds on the web.

        Best Project Management Plugin

        1. CoSchedule


        CoSchedule is a project management plugin for integrating WordPress with the CoSchedule marketing calendar tool. If you have a CoSchedule account and install this plugin, you can conveniently manage projects and tasks from the WordPress dashboard.

        The calendar provides a visual aid for tracking projects. You can set deadlines for tasks like content posts and emails to keep your team on track. Tasks can be color coded to help better visualize the workflow. To reschedule them you just have to drag and drop them on the desired date.

        The download of the plugin is free. However, there are free and paid options for the CoSchedule account, with paid features including real-time team member collaboration, automation of recurring tasks, and viewing project watchers.

        Best Donation Plugin

        1. GiveWP


        GiveWP is the best donation plugin for fundraising websites and non-profit organizations. It supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net.

        As for the features, the plugin provides a ton of options to accept donations. You can create donation forms for one-time donations, recurring donations, and guest donations for non-registered users. In addition, the custom amount option allows users to enter the donation amount they want.

        If you’re running a fundraising campaign, use the donation goal feature to set a goal and display a progress bar on the site.

        There are three donation form templates available, and all fields are easily customizable through a user-friendly interface. Also, you can set email notifications for both the donor and the website owner to thank and follow up on donations.

        Best WordPress Database Plugin

        1. BackWPup


        BackWPup is a WordPress database plugin with database backup and repair functions. The free version offers backups in .tar, .tar.gz, and .zip formats, third-party storage support, WordPress XML export, and database optimization.

        You can create multiple backup tasks and run them manually. You can also use a cron job to schedule tasks.

        The free version allows you to store the backup file on cloud storage like Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon S3. Google Drive and OneDrive are only available in the paid version, which also provides advanced features like encrypted database backup and restore.

        Best plugin for affiliate programs


        Pretty Links affiliate program plugin is the best choice for affiliate merchants and business owners to manage links. It uses a simple interface to customize affiliate links and track clicks.

        Customize links to include your domain name, create custom URL slugs, and set a destination URL. It also allows you to add no follow and no index to the link and choose one of three redirect types: 301, 302, and 307.

        The click tracker panel records all clicks along with timestamps and links. The report can be customized based on click types and date ranges and can be downloaded as a CSV file.

        Best WordPress LMS Plugin

        1. LMS Tutor

        LMS Tutor

        Tutor LMS is one of the best WordPress plugins as it includes many tools, even in the free version. The plugin allows you to deliver an unlimited number of courses in various forms, including videos and quizzes.

        This LMS plugin comes with a dashboard for students and a progress tracker to easily see the courses they take and their respective progress. The student question-and-answer feature allows students to submit questions about the course before enrolling.

        Tutor LMS comes with a quiz builder that supports 10 question types for course assessment. This feature also allows you to set a grade for each question and give students hints.

        If you choose the paid version, you get a front-end course builder to design courses and a certificate builder to create a nice custom certificate for each course.

        Best WordPress Menu Plugin

        1. Max Mega Menu

        Max Mega Menu

        Max Mega Menu is a WordPress menu plugin that replaces the functionality of the default menu, also improving customization options and adding various elements.

        Menu interaction is customizable. For example, you can define whether hovering over or clicking on a menu item will open the submenu.

        The plugin has a built-in theme editor for modifying the menu appearance, such as adding hover transitions, shadow effects, and dash icons to menu items.

        The strength of the Max Mega Menu is its responsiveness. You can specify the answer point to turn the mega menu into a mobile menu or even hide the submenus in the mobile version.

        The menu will work perfectly with any active WordPress theme. That being said, there is an option to add custom CSS to implement a different style.

        Best Customer Reviews Plugin

        1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

        Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

        Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is a customer reviews plugin that only works if you have WooCommerce installed and activated on your WordPress site.

        The plugin adds several review features to the eCommerce store, including review forms, ratings, image embedding, and image filtering. There is also a question-and-answer feature so website visitors can ask questions before purchasing a product.

        The best feature of this plugin is the customer review reminder. You can send an automatic or manual email to your customers reminding them to write a product review. In this way, you build evidence in your e-commerce store and increase the chances of achieving higher conversions.

        Best WordPress Comment Plugin

        1. wpDiscuz


        WordPress comes with comment functionality by default, but comment plugins offer more features to enhance the user experience. wpDiscuz is one of the best free WordPress plugins to improve post comments.

        This free WordPress plugin allows you to have multi-level comment threads for a better user experience, with a customizable maximum level depth. The social media login feature allows users to post comments using their accounts.

        Several features keep the site at optimal loading speed. Lazy loading causes the site to load comments only when users scroll to the section. Or, use the AJAX ” Load More ” button which only allows you to display the other comments at a time. There is also an option to break long comments and provide a ” Read More ” button to display the full comment.

        The plugin has built-in reCAPTCHA version 2 support to prevent comment spam. If you want to use version 3, you have to get a premium plugin.

        wpDiscuz offers a bunch of paid plugins that start as low as $9. These plugins cover additional features such as GIPHY integration, voice feedback, and syntax highlighting.

        Best WordPress Plugin for Tables

        1. Visualizer


        Visualizer is the best table plugin for incorporating visual elements like tables and graphs into your WordPress site. The free version gives you nine chart types to use, and you can add six more using the premium version.

        When creating a chart or table, you can easily import the data using a CSV or JSON file. The premium version extends this feature and allows you to import databases, data from WordPress sites, and other graphics. You can also enter them manually.

        With the plugin, you can also customize the visual design of the charts, including typography, texts, and slow rendering. There is also a setting for the front-end actions to set whether users can print, save or export the table or graph.

        Adding a table or chart to your WordPress post or page is easy. All you have to do is insert the Visualizer Gutenberg blog and select the table or graph you have created.

        Best Search Plugin

        1. Ivory Search

        Ivory Search

        The Ivory Search plugin helps you improve the search functionality of a WordPress site. This search plugin allows you to create unlimited search forms and configure each of them independently.

        You have the flexibility to use the search form to find any content such as images, files, and attachments. It is also possible to restrict certain content from the search results.

        The search form uses an AJAX search that displays results as users type keywords, speeding up the search and improving the user experience.

        You can embed search anywhere on your site using shortcodes, including the header, footer, sidebar, and widget areas.

        Ivory Search integrates well with WooCommerce to create a product search form. If you sign up for the more expensive Pro Plus premium plan, you can even create a WooCommerce product search form using SKUs.

        Best real estate plugin

        1. Essential Real Estate

        Essential Real Estate

        Essential Real Estate is a free WordPress real estate plugin that offers advanced features for real estate businesses. Its setup wizard helps you set up property listing pages, agent listings, and checkout pages.

        This free plugin allows the management of the listings in the back end and in the front end, so it is very convenient since it is not necessary to always enter the WordPress control panel to add a new listing. It also supports 360º virtual property tours to provide a great user experience for visitors.

        Regarding payments, Essential Real Estate supports PayPal, Wire Transfers, and Stripe.

        It also offers four free plugins to extend the plugin with features like recently viewed properties, similar properties, and color customization.

        Best Download Manager Plugin

        1. Download Monitor

        Download Monitor

        Download Monitor is a simple download manager plugin that allows you to upload downloadable files and insert them into pages or posts. It uses the WordPress interface to add downloadable files, so you can get started quickly.

        The download button block makes inserting downloadables into a page or posts easy. Simply add the block and choose any downloadable you have added.

        This WordPress plugin also comes with logs to monitor the users and IP addresses that download your content.

        While the free version comes with essential features, upgrading to the Pro version which starts at $39 will give you features like CAPTCHA and Terms and Conditions.

        Best WordPress Slider Plugin

        1. MetaSlider


        MetaSlider is the most popular WordPress slider plugin and also one of the easiest-to-use options. Its slider builder uses an intuitive interface, providing a slider preview so users can evaluate their work before saving and embedding it on the site.

        There are four slider options available: flex, responsive, nivo, and coin sliders. You can define the slider dimension, transition effect, and navigation.

        The slider accepts various types of content, such as images, videos, and post feeds. It also allows you to add alternative texts to images, a good practice for accessibility and SEO. If you opt for the paid version, it is possible to embed YouTube videos and Videos in the slider.

        WordPress automatically Plugin

        1. WordPress Automatic Plugin

        WordPress Automatic Plugin

        WordPress Automatic Plugin posts from almost any website to WordPress automatically. It can import from popular sites like Youtube and Twitter utilizing their APIs or from almost any website of your choice using its scraping modules

        WordPress Automatic Plugin Features:

        • Auto post from RSS feeds to WordPress
        • Auto post from almost any web page to WordPress
        • Auto post from almost any website to WordPress
        • Auto post Amazon products to WordPress
        • Auto post eBay products to WordPress
        • Auto post AliExpress products to WordPress
        • Auto post ClickBank products to WordPress
        • Auto post from Envato to WordPress

        Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

        1. WooZone


        Turn your Woocommerce WordPress Store into a money-profit generator! Advertise Amazon products on your Woocommerce website and earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases. You can also receive advertising fees from all products your visitors buy, and visit, not just the products you advertise thanks to our 90 days cookie feature.

        The Bundle contains:

        • WZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
        • Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce
        • SearchAzon – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Auto Search Plugin
        • Kingdom – Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

          Get all Amazon Affiliates Advertising Plugins in one place!

          On top of that, we provide a WordPress Theme as well, so the package could be complete. All you have to do is install the pack, setup all the plugins, fill out your amazon associate id and let the commissions comeLearn how to make money easily, just like that!

          2. AAWP


          AAWP provides you with all of the necessary tools that you would need to excel as an Amazon affiliate marketer. It boasts several features that can help boost your affiliate page performance and, therefore, increase your earning potential.

          AAWP Features:

          • Text links
          • Single (or multiple) product boxes
          • Bestseller (lists)
          • New Releases (lists)
          • Data fields
          • Widgets

          List of Other Plugins

          With over 50,000 free plugins available on the WordPress directory and many more premium ones on the marketplaces, there are alternatives to all of the WordPress plugins we’ve listed.

          If you are interested in other options, here is a list of honorable mentions for the best WordPress plugins:

          • Visual Composer – A WYSIWYG website builder plugin that comes with 50+ free elements and 10+ free landing page templates.
          • All-in-One SEO – Also known as AIO SEO, is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for SEO, with intelligent XML sitemap features and SEO schema markup.
          • W3 Total Cache – A caching plugin that uses a CDN to speed up WordPress sites. You can also minify CSS and Javascript files and cache them.
          • Sucuri – A security plugin with malware removal, file integrity check, and security monitoring features.
          • Ultimate Member  This membership plugin is the best alternative if you don’t want to pay a premium price. It has an intuitive form builder and user management on the front end.
          • Easy Digital Downloads – This plugin is a good option for creating an eCommerce store with digital download items like eBooks, songs, photos, or software.
          • Smush  This plugin helps you speed up your website by compressing and optimizing images. It also has a lazy image-loading feature.


            Adding more features and functionality to WordPress sites is easy, thanks to the abundance of plugins. All you have to do is choose one that suits your needs.

            There is no limit to the number of WordPress plugins that can be installed to create a powerful website. With that being said, you should be careful when installing WordPress plugins.

            Activating too many WordPress plugins can cause slow load times and increase security risks. It is also important to choose trusted plugins.

            Therefore, always check the number of active installations and user reviews in the WordPress plugin directory. Also, remember to choose frequently updated plugins, as they are more secure and less prone to compatibility issues.

            These are just a few of the thousands of WordPress plugins available to marketers. These apps can help you improve your site, whether it’s speeding up page load time, improving site functionality, or monitoring metrics. Take advantage of its advantages and create truly impressive websites. Try one or more plugins and see how they enhance your WordPress experience.

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