AAWP Review (2023): Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin to Increase Sales

AAWP is an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that is perfect for bloggers who want to promote Amazon products and make a profit from it. This plugin was specifically designed specifically for Amazon affiliate sites to help you to drive more conversions.

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Disclaimer: I strongly believe in transparency. If you buy using the links on our site, we may earn a small commission without any extra cost to you. This helps me to keep producing honest reviews.

Do you have an Amazon affiliate website or promote your products on your blog? Amazon Affiliate is one of the world’s most popular affiliate programs. Due to Amazon’s brand value and huge range of products, it is not very difficult to earn money with its affiliate program.

With a little bit of smart work with a lot of hard work, you can make a full-time living as an Amazon Associate. Working smart will require you to use tools that can help you generate more sales and commissions.

Today I will share an amazing WordPress Plugin for Amazon Associates called AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin). A recently released plugin that helps its users to maximize affiliate clicks and sales with less effort.

AAWP is a plugin created specifically for Amazon affiliate sellers. It comes with cool features that can help you earn more money.

Let’s explore what AAWP does and why you should use it.

Text links creation Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin AAWP

AAWP automatically creates an affiliate link with your affiliate ID so that you receive commissions for the sales you refer. You will not have to manually create, search and insert affiliate links.

Using the Amazon Associates API integration, AAWP will automatically extract your affiliate data. This includes your affiliate ID so that every time you add a product to display in a product template or comparison table, you don’t have to manually enter it all. It will automatically pull the product name, image, an affiliate link.

Product Display Templates

Product Booxes AAWP

Displaying a product in a special template box is much more visually appealing than writing it in plain text. AAWP allows you to create beautifully designed and customizable product display boxes in multiple layouts.

You can select between a light or dark layout, as well as opt for custom CSS. If you know CSS or hire a CSS developer, you can customize the look of AAWP product boxes in any way you like.

Product boxes are already optimized for conversions, not surprising since AAWP is an affiliate marketing plugin. So when you create a product box, you know they will convert better than text links.

This display box would help you increase your Amazon affiliate sales, especially if you write in niche physical technology products such as smartphones, computers, and other digital products.

Create A Comparison Table

Comparison Table Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

The comparison table is an effective way to show visitors how 2 or more differ and compare against each other.

AAWP allows you to compare multiple products in a comparison table. The table looks neat and comes with a call to action button. You can create an unlimited number of tables comparing any product with another. You will be able to create beautiful tables without touching any code.

To create a comparison table and add a product to it, you will only need an ASIN number. The plugin will use the ASN number to collect product information using the API.

I showed you how to find the ASIN number and how useful it is for creating affiliate links in this tutorial. You won’t have to leave the WordPress dashboard as everything has to be done from the plugin settings.

Once you’ve created a table, you can display it anywhere on your blog using shortcodes. The tables show an Amazon original Buy Now button, which helps increase clicks.

List Of Best Sellers

Bestselling products listing

AAWP allows you to display some of the best-selling products on Amazon on your blog using shortcodes. The amazon bestseller shortcode will display a bestseller for a keyword to enter within it.

If you want to display the best-selling fiction books, the shortcode would be like this:

[amazon bestseller=”fiction books” items=”3″]

This will result in an output showing the top 3 best-selling fiction books in the Amazon store. The list will automatically update whenever the best sellers change.

It also shows newly launched products on Amazon from a specific category (you will choose) in listings.

Product Widgets

Sidebar product templates AAWP

AAWP allows you to create product widgets with a call to action. The product widget will display the thumbnail image of the product and its title with the product rating below.

You can use it in the sidebar of your blog to display some related products. Using widget options, you can also categorize AAWP product widgets so that they appear in a static position as visitors scroll down. You can also display different products in different categories using the same plugin.

If there is a sale on Amazon for the product you are displaying in the widgets, a sale banner will also attract visitors.

Geographic Orientation


The AAWP plugin comes with geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting is my personal favorite trick for increasing affiliate clicks and commissions. People like to buy products when they see the price in their own currency.

Geo-targeting allows you to show different Amazon product prices and languages ​​to visitors from different countries.

Suppose a visitor from Europe and Japan visits a page on your blog. Using geo-targeting, you’ll display the yen currency to Japanese visitors and the euro currency to European users. This will maximize your commission potential without any additional traffic.

Additional Characteristics

Extra Features AAWP

In addition to the main features, AAWP also has some important and small useful features, such as:

  • Cache management (reduces API requests to reduce load time)
  • Link tracking (tracks clicks and impressions)
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Templates and responsive design
  • Use HTTPS (Secure connection with SSL certificates)
  • AMP support
  • Ready-made templates ready to use
  • Earn commissions for referring Amazon Prime customers

You can connect Amazon Associates accounts from countries including:

  • India
  • USA
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Canada

and more.

Amazon requires its affiliates to be fair and transparent, so you must include an FTC Disclosure on every page you insert amazon affiliate links. AAWP also makes it easy with its built-in disclosure feature. You shouldn’t layer Amazon Affiliate Links either.

AAWP is a premium plugin priced at €39 for individual WordPress sites. The best plan to choose is the plus plan, which is priced at €99, and includes multi-site usage and all major features.

If you are a developer or manage client websites, you can also choose the unlimited plan at a price of €199. That will allow you to use the AAWP plugin on an unlimited number of WordPress websites.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the plugin. You get access to 1 year of free support and plugin updates with every plan.

If you want to increase your Amazon Affiliate earnings without increasing traffic, AAWP would definitely be the only solution to try.

Let me know which feature you liked the most in the comments section.

AAWP Review (2023): Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin to Increase Sales
AAWP Review (2023): Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin to Increase Sales
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