WPX Hosting Review (2023): Is It The Fastest Managed Hosting For WordPress?

WPX is the fastest managed WordPress hosting provider in the industry. We make it easy to get your new website up and running. WPX offers the fastest managed WordPress hosting, FREE high speed CDN and SSL. 24/7 support at lightning speed.

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Looking for an unbiased WPX hosting review, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Are you facing the pain of slow website loading, wasted time, and missed opportunities? Tired of slow loading times, data loss, and time wasted searching for solutions?

A fast site is essential to your online achievement. Regardless of your site’s purpose, from blogging for entertainment to serving up elements on the web, your website will benefit from fast stackup times. Improving Site Speed can allow you to get more guests due to a higher perceived value in web crawlers.

Faster sites also have higher conversion rates, resulting in more guests joining your email list, tapping joins, buying items, or making some other imperative move.

In case you’re starting another WordPress site or considering redesigning the facilitation game plans for a current site, be sure to carefully read this WPX hosting survey to see if this management is the best alternative.

All things considered, one of the fastest and least demanding approaches to speed up your WordPress site is to choose an elite website.

Later, in case you need to appreciate the advantages of a fast-stacking site, this WPX hosting audit will be of incredible intrigue.

We will start this WPX Hosting audit by investigating the best highlights and a part of the advantages that you can appreciate by joining this website. At that time, we will take a look at the client encounter offered by WPX Hosting and the evaluation alternatives available.

So, in the future, let’s dig into my honest and trustworthy WPX Hosting review + WPX Hosting Coupon & Discount Code that helps you get an exclusive discount on WPX Hosting now. So let’s dive in.

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WPX Hosting Features

How does WPX hosting work?

In case you are interested in monitoring WordPress by making administration easy, you are most likely focused on placement speed and build times. Good WordPress monitoring has things to offer. Regardless, execution is often the main reason site owners pay a premium to join these organizations. Before we take a look at the highlights and customer experience of this site, how about we take a look at how fast WPX Hosting really is?

WPX hosting speed test

The top-rated multi-reason Avada WordPress theme was used to test running WPX Hosting. Avada and one of its demos were introduced in a new WordPress host facilitated on a shared HostGator web facilitation account at the section level. This site was then contrasted with an indistinguishable design provided by WPX Hosting. Here are the side effects of our WPX hosting speed tests using Pingdom:

Budgeted shared host stack time: 3.60 seconds
WPX hosting load time: 1.97 seconds (45% faster)

However, site speed isn’t the only thing that matters, so how about we investigate what else WPX Hosting brings to the table?

Free WordPress Website Migration Service

In the event that you have a WordPress site from now on, you can think about whether the change to a faster website is worth it regardless of the effort. There are modules and devices available that can allow you to move a WordPress site. Be that as it may, the procedure is generally unclear. Fortunately, WPX Hosting offers a free site move benefit. The relocation benefit supposedly ends in 24 hours. The group will move your entire WordPress site from your current web host to your new WPX hosting account. Email movement related to that site is also incorporated into the administration.

Daily backups of WordPress websites

As an important aspect of your administration, WPX facilitation will happen to your site on a regular basis. For added security, booster logs are saved on a different server and kept for 14 days. There is no charge for recovery of the booster in case something goes wrong. You can also use your own backup array including modules like BackupBuddy or BackWPup and store the logs yourself.

Clear admin panel

We’ll take a look at the road to getting started with WordPress and setting up your site in the customer encounter segment of this WPX hosting survey. Regardless, the WPX Hosting client control panel is anything but difficult to use. Through the WPX Hosting Dashboard, you can view the subtleties and management of your registration, determine the status of support tickets you’ve opened, and manage your email and sites. You can also filter board space usage and data transfer capacity.

Support 24/7/365

WPX Hosting offers every minute of every day / 365 live the benefits of viewing content plus a support framework for ticketing in the workplace. When I contacted bolster, they were quick and supportive in determining my issues and responding to my queries. Also, there is an online information base, which should answer your queries and help you understand any issues.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

WPX Hosting keeps things basic with its facilitation and evaluation plans. There are only three intentions to navigate.

The main contrasts between WPX Hosting layouts are how many locations you can have to yourself, how much storage you get access to, and how much transfer speed you can use.

It’s great to see that the business design passage level allows you to have up to five sites.

If you’re claiming multiple sites or running a few venues for clients, the $24.99 monthly cost for this plan starts to look a lot more moderate. Paying every year instead of month to month brings with it a discount too.

WPX Managed WordPress Hosting Plans WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting also offers a 30-day risk-free preview so you can try managing it before fully shipping.

Which is better Hosting HostGator or WPX?

When looking for a reliable hosting company, it can be difficult to choose just one. But we weren’t happy with our HostGator experience and switched to WPX hosting last year!

Coughing up malicious scripts was bad enough, but what really sealed his fate as our least favorite host?

The customer service people seemed to have no idea how anything worked; they kept asking us questions about things they didn’t need help answering. Never before or since have we seen such disorientation anywhere else…

We tried many things to get help from HostGator’s customer support team, but they never seemed interested in solving our security issues.

That’s when we realized how important it is that hosts like yours, who offer faster but professional services, are available 24/7 and ready at your disposal for any problem you need. approach.

After the previous hosting company we were with lost our data and broke all of our sites, it was a breath of fresh air to find WPX Hosting.

They immediately took care of fixing any issues while also migrating us through their servers free of charge! The service is just amazing – first impressions are important in this industry so don’t take them lightly because they will make sure you are immediately satisfied or your money back.

HostGator is a hosting company that does not take security precautions. For secure service, they should be last on your list due to their lackadaisical approach to customer support and quick response times when issues arise with website issues like data loss or hacking attacks.

HostGator does not offer daily backups unlike WPX Hosting so if you ever get hacked your site may never recover due in part to the fact that there was little time for them as it takes hours just trying to solve one problem before moving on to another without any problem. resolution at all!

Is WPX hosting a good value?

In contrast to the top managed WordPress hosts like WP Engine, WPX Hosting is more reasonable. The cost is less and you get more for your cash in terms of the number of destinations you can have.

However, in the event that you don’t need to worry about all the power and advantages of providing premium WordPress, then a large network share like SiteGround may be a better alternative for your needs.

WPX Hosting Pros and Cons


  • FASTER WordPress Hosting
  • 24/7/365 support
  • WPX accommodation accepts homeless dogs
  • 28-day backups (on-demand manual backups)
  • 30-day refund
  • WP installation with 1 click
  • Enterprise-grade malware/DDOS protection
  • Improve your website speed with the help of some data


  • prices are a bit expensive

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting claims to be the world’s fastest WordPress hosting founded by Terry Kyle in 2013 with three main objectives Speed, Support, and Simplicity.

How good is WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting is fully managed WordPress hosting powered by WPX Cloud CDN that offers 99.9% Uptime, Email Functionality, Staging Area, Platform Optimization, DDOS Protection from Incapsula, Daily Backups, Unlimited Free Site Migrations, Unlimited Free SSL Certificates, unbelievable Technical Support (under 40 seconds), and Fixed for you Guarantee.

How does WPX Hosting work?

WPX Hosting is for all types of businesses whether it is an enterprise or a small business. Their support team response time is really good and along with that they also offer free white glove migrations, enterprise DDoS protection, free custom build CDN (fastest CDN for WordPress), staging area, malware removal, and much more.

Does WPX Host offer any discount coupons?

Yes, WPX Hosting offers a discount coupon that can offer you up to 50% off all hosting plans for a month. You have to use the code AIB50Discount.

Does WPX Hosting offer any free trials?

Yes, WPX Hosting offers a 2-month free trial for just $1 and they also offer a 28-day money-back guarantee which can come in handy if you don’t want to continue with them.

How much discount can you get on WPX Hosting?

There is only one discount offer that they are offering for now that can give you up to 50% discount on their hosting plans for a month.

WPX Hosting is worth it?

WPX servers are designed to support and maintain any WordPress website. Their highly robust hardware ensures that they can handle a load of thousands and millions of visitors, while still giving you excellent performance no matter what your site may require! WPX is expensive, but when it comes to this kind of thing, the price goes out the window because there is nothing better than top-tier technology for hosting.

Who is the owner of WPX Hosting?

Terry Kyle is the CEO of WPX Hosting and makes sure that our hosting services meet all your needs.

Does WPX Hosting have cPanel?

The WPX admin panel is much more modern and user-friendly, with features like full domain purchase integration. It has many of the features found in cPanel, but it’s also easier to navigate than its competitors due in large part to the fact that you can purchase domains directly from your control panel without ever leaving the site or program they’re on.

Is WPX Hosting shared?

WPX Hosting is more than worth the investment if you need to host multiple websites. It’s not as cheap as shared hosting, but it also doesn’t really compete with managed WordPress hosts like BlueHost and WP Engine on the other side of the industry spectrum, either in terms of pricing or features.

Conclusion: WPX Hosting Review 2023

WPX Hosting is a fast website that is anything but difficult to use. In case you need to update your site hosting arrangements or start another venture in good shape, then WPX Hosting is a great option.

The three trial plans keep things basic and starting another WordPress site couldn’t be less demanding. Free relocation management will come in handy for anyone who has a current WordPress site elsewhere.

In contrast to the passage-level shared web facilitation, WPX Hosting and oversaw WordPress facilitation, overall, aren’t bad at all.

Either way, with costs starting at $ 24.99 each month, including the ability to have up to five WordPress sites, in case you’re ready to level up, WPX Hosting is one of the more moderate options.

WPX Hosting Review (2023): Is It The Fastest Managed Hosting For WordPress?
WPX Hosting Review (2023): Is It The Fastest Managed Hosting For WordPress?
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